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Best valued LED headlight bulb ever!

Best valued LED headlight bulb ever!

I travel the Highways in Amsterdam so early in the AM and late at night 21 days a month. I have had 2 very close calls with moose in the past year as there is a serious over population of them. I am driving a Toyota Camry with upgraded Headlights that are fantastic compared to regular Halogen lights but after the last occurrence, I decided to try the Automotive led replacement bulbs. So I fabbed up a rack for the roof and purchased a 32 Inch curved LED Headlight bulb from Ebay. Not a good choice it started losing lights after the first car wash. So I bought an Auxbeam and I would say its 10 times brighter than the others. I couldn’t see a much of a difference compared to the 32 inch Rigid Industries bar my buddy has on his SUV either. Simply put, I researched many Automotive led replacement bulbs after the first experience and I will never look for another after using this Auxbeam. “Turning night into day” is thrown around a lot, but this LED headlight bulb does they. I live out with more pigs, loose cows and animals than cars. But, I’m very, very careful to not blind somebody, cause this LED headlight bulb is extremely bright from close in out to maximum covered distance, no shadows our porky covered areas. These Automotive led replacement bulbs works perfectly, great design for all the time : the price, quality, customer service are all great to me.
Here is a quick list of this LED Headlight bulb what impressed me most:
1. Well packaged
2. Complete easy to understand manual (not needed; so easy to install)
3. Bulbs and Drivers are pre-wired
4. Complete install in under 4 minutes
5. These LED are intensely bright; as bright if not brighter than HID
6. Beam pattern is solid and at the appropriate angle
7. Lights instantly turn on when activated; no delay
8. Works with Auto-On function
9. Drivers are so small and light; no need to mount them
10. Bright white LED light actually improves visibility because it reflects much better off road signs and road paint
11. The Automotive led replacement bulbs performs flawlessly in my projector headlights
Auxbeam really is the Best valued Automotive led replacement bulbs i’ve bought.

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